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L'Oreal Reviews

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  • haircolor

    I have purchased the Loreal Paris Excellence Creme for years and have been using 8RB Reddish Blonde. This time is came out alot darker? it usually is like the color on the box. Like a strawberry Blonde but this time it is a dark Auburn. The code on the developer is 20V 70N606 and the color is 70N606 6R. I think it may have gotten in the wrong box? Can someone please check this for me. Thanks More...
    kareba7's Picture   kareba7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Smoothening rebounding bad effects

    I had a smoothening rebounding treatment at a L'Oréal salon in Jamshedpur,Jharkhand. after 2months all the front side hairs got curled. Previously wen I did the smoothening treatment of Matrix it lasted for very long and only the newly grown hairs were curly.. and also my hairs were feeling very smooth after 5 -6 months also.. I trusted L'Oreal for which I went for the process.. but I am very dissapointed with the service.. it seems I waisted my money. I lost faith in all L'Oréal products also. L'Oréal people cheated me. More...
    JyotiPati's Picture   JyotiPati    1 Comments   Comments
  • Reaction

    I used L'Oréal hair color 10 days ago. About 6 hrs after application had burns to my ears, rash over my neck and face, hives on my scalp. Lymph nodes in neck still swollen. Woke up this morning(10 days after application) with right eye swollen. Have been taking Benadryl for the last 10 days but had to go to dr today and get steroid shot and oral steroids. Very dangerous product!!! I've never had issues with dying my hair before. Will never use this product again More...
    Awichita1's Picture   Awichita1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allergies for a month!! VERY puffy red itchy eyes! COULDNT SEE

    I bought the telescopic precision eyeliner around two months ago 3 weeks ago I got an allergic reaction (even though on the website it does say it is suitable to sensitive eyes, which is the reason to why I bought it) I have never gotten an allergic reaction before. This got to a level that my eyes got so puffy that I couldnt see for almost 3 weeks! It went away and came back TWICE! The doctors have said that the medication I've been given is the best solution to have this cure but are confused on why it came back TWO times again. I am honestly very unhappy with this product and... More...
    zahrahasmani's Picture   zahrahasmani    0 Comments   Comments

    Iamgreek63's Picture   Iamgreek63    0 Comments   Comments
  • scarry stuff

    I was excited to try thr loreal root cover up product which I bought a few days ago. I was happy with the application and the cover up process was good but it does leave your hair grimy. but that is not the real issue I wear little or no makeup and I wash my face every night with face wipes about 2 is all I need. the next night after I sprayed my hair I washed my face with plain face wipe with a little water and I was shocked to see how dirty the wipe looked so I did it again with another 5 wipes and every wipe was black! like I just exited a coal mine? I couldn't believe it this has... More...
    dawna1's Picture   dawna1    0 Comments   Comments
  • 3 for 3 sucks and your out!

    O I decided to try a few loreal products. Revitalift 10, eye defence and visible blur. What a total waist. I spent over $60 and first, no difference in my compextion. Second, no difference in under eye area and caused irritation and redness, and the foundation mother lifts nor blurs. Feels like I put vasaline on my face. Next morning I woke up with tons of under the skin bumps and zits. Store will not refund cause I don't have receipt. I am soooo pissed. For the price, these products are a flop. I want a refund! More...
    shannyoats's Picture   shannyoats    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal Mousse Absolue 500

    The first time I tried the product it was great. The touch up the second use was good. I bought a second one, the first coverage was great, the second touch-up left my hair gray, only the foam on one side was coming out, no color. Ok so sometimes you get a dud. Third package, great coverage first time. Touch up today, only foam and of course no gray coverage. Once a fluke, but twice. This product is just too expensive for a one time use. Will not want to buy again. More...
    mommacardie's Picture   mommacardie    1 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal turned my hair orange

    I had used the exact L'Oreal color in the past successfully., but had not colored my hair for more than 5 years. I purchased and used the same color I had always used and it turned my hair a brassy orange not blonde. I followed the directions as stated and left the product on for the extended period of time since my hair is gray. Actually my hair was more silver than gray. I commented to my daughter that there was not a cap provided and that did concern me since covering the head while the color is on accelerates the time and further activates the coloring process, but I assumed the... More...
    Genevieve43's Picture   Genevieve43    1 Comments   Comments
  • Extreme Repair Mask

    NewYork77's Picture   NewYork77    1 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal's horrible product, fix it

    When I first got this product it was amazing, it cleared up my acne almost immediately. Then within two days of using it, it caused my face to have a bad reaction.The sides of my nose have a burning sensation, they peel constantly, and this has been recurring for almost 2 weeks. Also around my mouth and on my checks are covered in small bumps that aren't very visible but you can feel them and they get flaky. This product ended up giving me more acne and problems then I started of with. I threw it away, never again will I use a L'Oreal product. More...
    lexi8311997's Picture   lexi8311997    0 Comments   Comments
  • A very bad skin reaction!

    I purchased L' Oreal Age Perfect night cream just over a week ago. I did a test a few hours before and it seemed OK. So i then tryed it over night. In the morning my face was badly swollen, burning and itching. I have been taking antihistamine tablets ever since to reduce swelling and itching. Extremely disappointed in this product. More...
    flinnty's Picture   flinnty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Feria platinum blonde

    I used this last night, On my head for twenty minutes. No burning sensation and washed it off and conditioned and dried, coloured to pale yellow which was ok for my next step. I wake up this morning with itchy head, during the day I have developed huge scabs, lumps and exceptional itching on my scalp. I am terrified now. Just don't know what to do. More...
    Terrified's Picture   Terrified    0 Comments   Comments
  • Casting non permanent colourant

    I have used this product for the last 15 years and have been very happy and without problem. However it is now causinv mea probkem where the hair is tiuching the face. It causing the skin to go very red and puckers. Almost like a burn. It also stinks if I feel warm. Has there been a change to the formula? It was very severe when I washed my hat and obviously had it on my hands and managed to transfer to my eyelids and cheek.these area went very red, swollen eyes and the skin has started to pucker, feel rough and tight. I think further test is necessary. More...
    Hpower's Picture   Hpower    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shocking Extensions

    Hi There, I have a question. I've been looking for L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Original, however I've been unable to locate it in the Shoppers Drugmarts in Barrie, Ontario, so I decided to try shocking extensions, I'm very disappointed, it's clumpy, messy, it forms clumps around the ridge of the bottle. Has this product replaced the Telescopic Original? Thanks, Cheryl More...
    cheryllynne's Picture   cheryllynne    0 Comments   Comments
  • damaged skin gloves too small

    Loreal your gloves are way too small. I purchased loreal creme gloss hair colou on 2 occasions both times struggled to get the included gloves on and I am not a large person. The gloves are that small they rip leaving my hands prone to chemicals and dye and as I couldn't even get them on all they way it also made it difficult to apply as the gloves are tight and I cant get the fingers all the way in. More...
    mlooker's Picture   mlooker    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad pumps

    I am very disappointed with the way the bottle is designed. I love the makeup but when you get to the bottom it won't pump. I have several bottles that have about an inch left in them that won't come out. For what I am paying for this I should be able to use the whole bottle. teressakolb@Hotmail.com More...
    teressamk's Picture   teressamk    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'oreal hair color

    I have colored my hair for about 55 yrs and use L'Oreal products exclusively. Today I used Preference #9 Hollywood. I love the product but for the first time ever, there seemed to be so much ammonia in it that my eyes were burning! I had to put a wet washcloth over my eyes for a few minutes before I could continue applying the color. Has the formula changed? I usually use Excellence but wanted to try this color for a change today. I will not buy Preference in future but go back to the Excellence. More...
    LoriMyers's Picture   LoriMyers    1 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal La Palette Nude Allergic Reaction

    After applying eyeshadow from the La Palette Nude,my eyes started watering uncontrollably and were very painful to the touch. I tried to use the palette again by itself to make sure that it was this that caused the reaction and the same happened. The watering is so severe that my eyes went bright red and it obviously ruined all of my makeup, just before I was due at a christmas party. More...
    sc531's Picture   sc531    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal dried out mascara

    Have used Voluminous mascara in the past and been pleased. I was excited to try the new Butterfly version. Upon first use, the mascara deposited large clumps on the ends of my eyelashes making it completely unusable. I am hoping this is an anomaly and simply received an old product batch. In any case, the mascara is unusable and I would like to receive my money back or recieve a product that performs as advertised, i.e. without clumping. More...
    martinmurley's Picture   martinmurley    1 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal 3 pack lipstick set

    Carresse 3 lipstick pack. I bought this pack of 3 shades of lipstick on a Ryanair flight on Saturday.It was correctly wrapped and sealed in cellophane.Upon opening it at home there were only 2 shades of lipstick in the box,2 of 2 shade and 1 of another. I phoned L'Oreal and was told it was not their problem but it OBVIOUSLY is as it is an error in their packaging department. I was told to contact Ryanair and did so on their Live Chat line but was told to write to their customer services department.This will cost me almost as much as a lipstick.In addition to which,although marked in... More...
    claudette's Picture   claudette    0 Comments   Comments
  • Loreal Preference Mousse Absolue

    I have used Loreal hair color for years. I have tried others and always went back to Loreal. When the new Mousse Absolue came out I was excited to try. After purchasing this product, which is much more expensive, I was quickly disappointed. I had no problem with the application but the coverage was terrible. This is the worst color I have ever purchased. It didnt cover the gray at all. More...
    thayers3's Picture   thayers3    0 Comments   Comments

    I have used Loreal Hair color mousse for years, then you changed product to this Mousse Abosolue..what a disappointment!! I loved the Mousse that you had to mix together. It worked great. Now I can't find it on any shelf and had to buy this pre-mixed crap which does not work at all. I colored this morning and followed the directions. Its a total pain in the ..... to apply and it did NOT color the grey at all!! Now I have to go back to town and get something else (which will NOT be this product). I have short hair and had to use the whole thing to get it all covered. I would not... More...
    lynnsheeran1's Picture   lynnsheeran1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Criminal

    My daughter used one of Loeal products Feb.28,2014.It Burned her scalp So bad she Lost ALL her Hair...12 Days prior to her 20th Birthday. I Have been in Contact with Lori and now a Denise is Supposed to help.7 LONG months now.Lori Promised all her Medicals bills be PD.Plus Many other items...3 Cheep wigs So far, hats,gas and more.As of today our medical bills are in collection! And I found a list of 33 More Victims, 6 After my daughters.What will it take to Warn other women so they don't have to feel so much Pain. More...
  • loreal reusable mousse

    I've used loreal products for years but this new reusable mousse is worst product ever...the first time I left on as directed but did notice the mousse appeared mostly white then next push had tint of color. When completed and dried gray at roots was not colored...next day reapplied to roots and once again color didn't dispense evenly next day my husband even noticed gray was not covered. This product is more expensive and NOT worth money. How could they produce knowing the problems with it. Do not buy. More...
    tigger1124's Picture   tigger1124    1 Comments   Comments
  • loreal absolute hair colour

    I used the absolute sensational auburn hair colour I was very pleased at the beginning the colour was awesome but to my disappointment 2 washes later the colour was gone to a light red colour it faded so fast that the water after shampoo was red I have long hair so 1 would do it but it washed out so quickly that I would not use this type again not happy at all More...
    bluegem's Picture   bluegem    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue

    I tried your L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue product and was disappointed in the results didn%u2019t color my grey hair with a medium brown color even left the product in my hair an extra 10 minutes it came out a dull dark brown that washed completely out when I shampooed my hair. I would appreciate a full refund of money I do have a receipt showing my purchase of $14.72. More...
    dcomp01's Picture   dcomp01    0 Comments   Comments
  • loreal sensitive for man

    I thought I would start using a moisturiser as I'm getting wrinkles under my I eyes, so who better to purchase a cream from than L'Oreal ??? so I though I couldn't go wrong with the sensitive version...how wrong could I be ?? after applying the cream I felt a burning sensation, but this is sensitive surely this shouldn't happen ?? so imagine my shock when I looked in the mirror to see swollen eyes and burn marks, which are still like this 3 days after using. How can this happen in this day and age?? what a poor excuse for a company you are!!! I will be taking this future... More...
    skinadrian's Picture   skinadrian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor colour product and accessories!

    I used L'oreal preference mousse absolute. I was thrilled when I saw that there was now a reusable product for colour and Gray coverage. To my dismay, it made my hair greasy and it did not even last on my gray for a week! The conditioner was really gross and the gloves they provided were tiny and they leaked. The product stained my fingertips and my nails... Overall I paid $18.00 for a poor quality product and had to get a manicure due to poor product accessories as well! Very sad that L'oreal didn't come through for me.... :( L. Rodgers. Toronto More...
    Nemoosh's Picture   Nemoosh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Preference Hair Color Charred My Hair

    I have been using L'Oreal Preference hair color for 6 years with excellent results. On Thursday, 7/10/14 however, when I rinsed the color out of my hair, half of it fell out. What was left looked like someone took a blowtorch to my hair. What was once long, silky, one-length, blonde hair is now a frizzy, frazzled, chopped up mess. I cannot even go out because it looks so horrible. I had no warning that anything was wrong - no burning, no itching, nothing. I lost about about 3 inches of length of hair on the sides, and about 6 inches around the top of my head. I am a professional... More...
    Linda48's Picture   Linda48    0 Comments   Comments
  • Skin staining from L'Oreal product

    I bought this product to give my legs some colour as I was going to an event and planned on wearing a dress. I followed the directions but unfortunately, My leg ended up orange! More than two weeks later my legs are stained. I've tried so hard to get rid of the staining, using a shower muff. I have also tried exfoliating it off but it will not shift it. I am furious about this and to think I paid a lot for the privilege ???!!!!! More...
    Parky1804's Picture   Parky1804    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eye liner

    I recently purchased L'Oreal Paris Telescopic eyeliner....I was completely disappointed by this product. I have been wearing eyeliner since I was fourteen, that is two decades ago. I, more or less, consider myself an expert when applying make up. I have tried every product on God's green earth and L'Oreal Paris is the worst. IT JUST DOES NOT APPLY WELL...NOR DOES IT STAY ON.....for shame, people. The best I have tried so far is the cake-type liner by ULTA. IIt comes in a small jar. One may add a minimal drop of baby oil if it slightly hardens when not used too often.... More...
    Zaira's Picture   Zaira    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 does not keep promise

    Purchased the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 primer, glaze and number 2 Gel lacquer polish hoping to see the results promised. It went on very easily, following the instructions and was pleased with it when initially applied. However, this polish does not hold up any better than regular polish and certainly can't compare to the actual gel polish applied professionally. My nail polish started to chip within 1 day of applying. For the price and the process...very disappointed in the performance. More...
    Konichiwa2U's Picture   Konichiwa2U    0 Comments   Comments
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