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L'Oreal Reviews

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  • L'Oreal Preference Hair Color

    I purchased your L'Oreal Superior Preference Mousee Absolue hair color and guess what.....It did not work at all! When rinsing my hair there was NO color coming out. Yes I followed the directions to the t and did shake it through out the entire process and nothing!!!!!!! I dont have money to be throwing away on a product like this!!!!! I will make sure that other people know they are throwing there money away! More...
    luckydog34's Picture   luckydog34    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal Superior Preference - Bad product / Bad Service

    1. I have been using Preference hair colour (dark blonde) for years with excellent results. This time, after a "touch up", I ended up with dark brown roots and brown streaks through the rest of my hair. 2. I immediately called L'Oreal to get only a message saying they were closed for the day while staff went to training. 3. When I called the next day, the customer service rep wouldn't even listen to my problem until she collected all her marketing data. 4. Then she proceeded to tell me that I had used the product incorrectly - there was no possibility of a product... More...
    astooi's Picture   astooi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Dye / Even Worse Customer Service

    1. I have been using Preference hair colour (dark blonde) for years with excellent results. This time, after a "touch up", I ended up with dark brown roots and brown streaks through the rest of my hair. 2. I immediately called L'Oreal to get only a message saying they were closed for the day while staff went to training. 3. When I called the next day, the customer service rep wouldn't even listen to my problem until she collected all her marketing data. 4. Then she proceeded to tell me that I had used the product incorrectly - there was no possibility of a product... More...
    astooi's Picture   astooi    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal - poor quality hair dye

    I am very disappointed with your new hair dye product "Preference Mouse Absolute" and would like my money back as it was more expensive than most dyes as it has the promise of being "Reusable"........Well, it just didn't work. The colour I used was #300 Original Darkest Brown and it just didn't seem to mix properly and the foam had little or no colour. DID NOT COVER Grey at all. This product was $18 !!!!! What a rip off. I will never buy it again or recommend it to anyone. Please respond More...
    barbara22's Picture   barbara22    2 Comments   Comments
  • L'Oreal Castings Crème Gloss- Blackcurrant. Dreadful

    In the past, I have used Castings Crème Gloss and was happy with the colour. However, I dyed my hair today with the Blackcurrant dye (which I have used before) and was aghast at the results. My hair turned a ginger/auburn colour that was NOTHING like blackcurrant. Furthermore, the colour of the dye in the container itself was orange/red, NOT blackcurrant, so the hideous result was not due to a reaction with my hair. L'Oreal have either put the incorrect dye in the box, or are colour-blind, and mistake blackcurrant for ginger. I am extremely disappointed and will never be using... More...
    MsSmith1's Picture   MsSmith1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed

    Just bought the new Miss Manga Tropical Violet mascara, what a dissappointment, it is suppose to be violet it look nothing like violet on more like a soft gray what a waste of money. If the product says violet it should look like it on your eyes. Will not recommend this mascara. More...
    godfather1's Picture   godfather1    0 Comments   Comments
  • dried up mascara

    am soooo disappointed after using L'Oreal products for the last 20 years , to find that the last year or so , the mascaras have been very hit or miss.......with the last 2 purchases both being severe misses !!!!! I always but the double eneded products , and vary between waterprooof and non-waterproof......they both have lastest 2 weeeks which i find totally unacceptable , at the cost of e16.95 each !! you are forcing me away as no one could afford it !! the actual liquid , if thats what its called , is making my eyelashes unrecognisable...... and before some one asks , no , they were... More...
    francess's Picture   francess    0 Comments   Comments
  • infallible 2 step long wear lipstick 2.5g

    I purchased this product from big w for $24.95 and was expecting great results from this lipstick as I have changed most of my beauty products to loreal over the years because of there high quality. I was quite disappointed when I applied it as it left my lips feeling very dry and sticky. I feel like it dried up my lips even though I applied the Balm side correctly. Without using this products my lips are always soft, but within a few minutes of Applying it I just want to remove it. It just doesn't feel or look like I think ur products should. More...
    Chanelle85's Picture   Chanelle85    0 Comments   Comments
  • Casting creme gloss hair dye in plum, colour running

    I have used Loreal hair dyes before, but the first time to use Casting. It was a horrible experience, the colour kept running in the shower for a long time, then it ruined my towels, sofa, pillows, bath robe, I really should sue them for all these losses. The shocking thing is that I found online complaints about the same issue from several customers and a long time ago. The company ignored them, neither improved the product, nor warned us about this matter! The colour is still running after a couple of washes, so I have to blow dry my hair immediately, even if I don,t want to, because it... More...
    sara25's Picture   sara25    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magic nude Liquid Powder

    I always bought L'Oreal products this new makeup seemed great but i dropped a small amount on my brand new shirt and it took the color out instantly like bleach would and did the same thing a couple days later on another shirt. Its a thin liquid and spot made new shirt unwearable and other is ok its small at the bottom. It should state how damaging this can be so others know and are aware. #316 is the color i had. More...
    Abcsollars1's Picture   Abcsollars1    0 Comments   Comments
  • False advertising hair dye

    I recently started dying my hair blonde and i purchased your l'Oreal preference hair dye 9.13 , i followed the instructions perfectly and waited for the hair dye to set , when i washed it out my hair was a brown colour with bits of light purple in it?! I was appauled as i eventually got my hair blonde then used your dye and my hair went brown then! I would like a replacement with another dye as that one didnt work. More...
    Dananevin97's Picture   Dananevin97    0 Comments   Comments
  • BB cream

    Yesterday my wife purchased and applied your BB cream 5 in 1 Instant Blemish Balm. Today her face is red and very sore. The chemist where she obtained the product told her to contact you and if the symptons did not subside our doctor. She has been using your Triple Active Glow with no adverse effects. More...
    verynothappy's Picture   verynothappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • mascara and moisteriser

    i have used l'oreal products for years but have recently had problems with these products, the mascara, double extension waterproof mascara flakes after only a week of opening and does not last the day any more and the day cream mositeriser itches and leaves redish blotches on my face! i will never buy loreal products again, i have lost trust in them! More...
    ams40's Picture   ams40    0 Comments   Comments
  • Product is less than half filled

    The 1st time when I bought this product I thought it was the pump problem that I could not extract the serum out, then I took my initiative to overturn the product and waited for the liquid to drip but doesn't make any much difference. I bought a new bottle 2 weeks after that and it appear to have similar problem. As a consumer I felt being short-changed. Please also take note that Loreal Youth Code Pre-Essence pump quality is not pumpingliquid out well. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Nikko's Picture   Nikko    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mousse Absolue 465 dark burgundy red

    I bought this dye after the colour really caught my eye. After looking on the back of the box and seeing that it wasn't suitable for blonde hair, I dyed my blonde hair a light brown. I then applied the Mousse Absolue, which came out a very dark brown. Not red. My hair is now too dark to do anything to it without ruining it. It should not be packaged as RED when it comes out dark brown. More...
    kaycie's Picture   kaycie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mousse Absolue is dreadful

    I bought L'Oreal's new Mousse Absolue as I believed the hype the tv advertisement promised and because it offers a second application. It costs far more than other colourants so I expected it to be really good. I have used their products many times and generally have not had any reason to complain. However, having followed the instructions to the letter, iit did not colour my roots and has left me with greasy and very dull hair. I emailed L'Oreal the following day to complain but they have still not responded three days later. Their poor customer service is testament to the... More...
    Biccies95's Picture   Biccies95    3 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointment in L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash

    After seeing Cheryl Cole on the advert for L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash in the colour Eve, it looked like just what I needed for a party I was going too. I had to apply numerous coats for the colour to appear and it was still not very noticeable. What I was more disappointed about, was the lack of shine. I know adverts can be enhanced but this lip gloss was no where not what I expected, and I am extremely disappointed. To add to this, I found it very drying on the lips and have been having to use lip balm for the past week since using the lip gloss, this has made my lips very... More...
    janetjonny's Picture   janetjonny    0 Comments   Comments
  • testing on animals

    i have been coloring my hair once a month for the past 10 yrs. , i have in those 10 yrs always used excellence. it is my favorite, color is perfect, just everything was perfect until i found out that u still test on animals. basically why i am writing this is to beg you to stop animal testing your products. first and most importantly for the animals, its cruel and wrong. secondly for me so i can go back to using your hair coloring products. More...
    cougarmom001's Picture   cougarmom001    0 Comments   Comments
  • L'oreal mousse absolue

    Just over a week ago I bought l'oreals new product mousse absolue, as it's a new product I was curious and with l'oreal being l'oreal I figured it must be good. I've used other l'oreal dyes in the past and I most of my make-up and haircare products consist of l'oreal. However this product, mousse absolue, is absolutely awful! It made no difference to my hair whatsoever and even worse than that, it left me with greasy hair and an itchy flaky scalp. A week on, my scalp is still itchy and had still got scabs. I send a complaint the day I used it (exactly a... More...
    Louise2607's Picture   Louise2607    2 Comments   Comments
  • haircolor #59 (Feira)

    I color my hair with #59 Feira 3x highlights which usually gives me my golden brown blonde.Well after coloring my hair with the same color ive always used;i somehow came out a dark Brunette!! I am very unhappy and am upset that Loreal #59 is a dark brunette! thats not what it ususlly is ssupposed too b so i gather someone scewed up color levels! sincerely Unhappy me. More...
    vespagirl's Picture   vespagirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Preference ruined my hair

    I have alway used Clairol to color my hair, always had great results, but they were so low priced I thought I might be missing out on something. So this last time I bought Preference Rose Gold hair color. I used it according to directions. It looked ok the first day, but my hair is so fried now. It is lifeless, dry, and just ugly. I hate this product. I will never use it again. Now I have to pay a lot of money to do something to salvage what is left of my poor hair. There is nothing that Loreal can do to make my hair come back. How can they make it right? Refund me the $9.00 per package(I... More...
  • Loreal Preference PERMANENT Cream Hair Color Med Red Violet

    I tried this hair color 3x. First time it washed out I figured it was due to a perm I got a couple weeks before. Never got a perm before and didnt know what results it would have. Tried it again. Washed out AGAIN except for the roots. Chalked it up to that pre-conditioner. #rd times a charm.... NOT. I wasted a total of 26.00 on hair color only to have it wash out all 3 times except for the roots. I have been coloring my hair for years and NEVER had permanent color this terrible. Thank you to Garnier for fixing your hair colors mess on my head!!!! More...
    finsdolfins's Picture   finsdolfins    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap hair dye!!!!!

    I used your 9DG Dark Golden Blonde, paris couture, it left no color in my auburn hair, except for my roots, they now look like they are bleached, I am FURIOUS. Your product burns and itches DOR NO RESULT! I paid a good eight dollars on your product thinking it would work! If not have the full blonde effect, at least tint it! Nothing! Now I look ridiculous!! I WILL NEVER buy your products again, and will get everyone I know to boycott all of your overpriced products, that are obviously cheap!!! More...
    NicholeAshley's Picture   NicholeAshley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mascara - not even wearable

    I recently purchased two Mascara products from L'Oreak (buy one get one half off). It was a big waste of money (15.00) The first Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen was nothing but clumps on my eyelashes. The second Voluminous Million Lashes claims no clumps and still had clumps and eyelashes just look ridiculous. I cannot believe they do not try out these products and know how horrible they are, especially the Extra Volume Collagen. Very disappointed and won't buy L'Oreal products again. More...
    Rowan369's Picture   Rowan369    1 Comments   Comments
  • Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

    I have been in search of a lash building mascara. I spent far too much on the L'Oreal Mascara-Voluminous Million Lashes! IT IS HORRIBLE! It clumps it does NOT add Voluminous effect. I have used many of L'oReals cosmetics! Never again. I am so sick and tired of False Advertising and spending good money on poor quality products. FYI do not waste your time with Visible Lift Foundation either! I want a refund and to see these cosmetic companies who spout unfounded claims to be held LIable for false results being claimed and reported to the consumer! Voluminous lash is the BIGGEST... More...
  • loreal hair care

    I am 38 years old and have been buying loreal hair color for years ,,never a problom,till last week got the same color every time but this box was defective,i colored my hair on a wednesday andlast week,,its now thursday the week later and color still comeing out , i never had this happen before also went out in rain got my coat with this hair color was very mad and well still am not only rected my hair but my clothing as well very disapointed More...
  • Rubbish makeup wipes'

    I cannot believe such a big company who make put all they care about it skin and our care can make such a big mistake. I opened a pack of L'Oreal makeup wipes and took my makeup off on the night. Woke up the next morning and my skin was all blotchy and itchy! My mum tried them aswell and hers came out like this too! THIS IS DISGRACEFUL! I cannot believe you. I am fuming. Since these wipes wasn't cheap, I would like a full refund and more! Primarks wipes are better than yours. Yours sincerely. Isabel Clark. Aged 12 More...
  • make up wipes

    Hello. I am writing to complain about your makeup wipes. Me and my mum have recently baught some 3 ply wipes, and have been using them. We have never had a problem with wipes before, but with your L'Oreal ones, it has come to our attention that they are bringing out rashes and bloches on our face. At first when my mum just used them, we thought it was just her skin, but when I used them, we realised it was the product. As the wipes went cheap at all, and they are going to have to go in the bin now, I would like a full refund and more. Yours sincerely, Isabel... More...
  • L'oreal 16 HR Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner

    I bought this eyeliner for the first time, last Mon. Evening....Dec 31st, 2012 from CVS, because my old liner ran out and I was getting ready to go out for New Years Eve. Due to the special night ahead, I went WAY OUT and bought L'Oreal's Eyeliner, and paid almost double the price I normally spend on this product......L'Oreal costed $11.99 for 0.008 oz. Ok..whatever......as long as it is a good product.......it is fine. I opened the package and the "mechanical" pencil eyeliner was not a sharp point but a messy glump of eyeliner at the applicator site!!! Cleaned... More...
    Markelsteph's Picture   Markelsteph    0 Comments   Comments
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