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L'Oreal Reviews

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  • Butterfly Mascara

    I was forced to buy the Voluminous Butterfly mascara as it seemed the store where I shop replaced the original, classic Voluminous with this. It's horrible. I am in my 50's and haven't left home without mascara in at least 43 years and using this is like wearing nothing! Does not even look like I have any on! I am so unhappy. Why would you replace the old one? More...
  • Loreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

    I bought this product as I'm a Loreal fan. I sprayed it, liked the way it held. The next day, nothing comes out of the nozzle. So I rinsed it, still nothing. I thought it was a bad nozzle. Two weeks later, I was out of town, I bought the same thing, and the same exact thing happened. One spray, no problem, the next day, nothing. I think Loreal needs to work on their nozzle. Quality control on this is poor. I'm out $12. More...
  • Loreal Eye Liner

    I have been buying L'Oreal Pencil Eye Liner for years now. I love this pencil. Because it's not dry and goes on very well. But I must say. When I go to sharpen my pencil. It all melts always. It literally dissolves as your sharpening it. Every time I try to sharpen it. I pay too much for this pencil for this to happen. So I would like a coupon credit or something. I have brought two of these pencils in a manner of a couple of months apart. And they should last much longer than that. I love this product. But it could use s little bit more work. More...
  • Hair Color Problem

    Dear L'oreal I have been using your hair color for many years; Saturday I purchased 5 1/2 medium, copper, brown Superior Preference at Jewel/Osco and applied and the color was so thin it ran all down my face and all over my sink. There was something really wrong it was like water, normally it does not run like at. I was really nervous about it ,so I rinsed it out right away, for fear my hair would fall out. I don't think there was the right amount of toner in the squeeze bottle. Please rehash. Very dissatisfied. Cindy More...
  • Eyeliner

    I have been using for some time the item as mentioned below and have always been happy with it, but recently over the last few months i have noticed that it is not as good as it used to be. What i have noticed is that after a few uses over a few days of using the item it starts to get thick gunky and clumpy just inside the tube and starts coming out of tube in clumps once it has built up and makes the pen part hard to get in and out of the tube. Could you look into this matter for me and explain to me what has happened to this item of eyeliner lately with thanks Miss Michelle Saffrance More...
  • L'Oreal Face Cream Reaction

    Age Perfect Hydro-Nutrition Day. Night Cream and BB cream; used one night & one day; woke up next a.m. with swollen eyes, face and blistered upper lip; washed skin well; next a.m. (no product used) cheeks blistered, eyes more swollen; had to call in sick to work; next day eyes so swollen (almost shut) family took me to emergency - got shot for allergic reaction. took two weeks plus for skin to stop blistering, peeling, and complete swelling to go down. I will not use this line - but love L'Oreal. Lost $ on product & lost days of work! Any compensation for loss? Niagara... More...
  • Stockists

    I'm trying to purchase the L'Oreal Double Extension mascara however for the past few months every stockists shelves seem to be bare. There's a place for the product in the display unit but no stock. Can you please advise where I can buy this product? k-Mart, Target and Priceline never seem to have any stock. Thanks More...
  • mascara

    I have been using Voluminous Million Lashes mascara for years. But, within the last few months I have noticed decreasing quality of this product. It is dry and clumping. It doesn't go on thick anymore as it did when it first came out. Did you change the formula. I would like to continue to use this product but I feel that I am wasting my money. Please help. More...
  • Miss Manga Mascara

    I purchased two miss manga mascaras as soon as I saw them on an advent on the 15/01/2014. I can prove this with a bank statement as Boots Advantage card points. [ 15/01/2014 Mansfield St Ptr Store Earn 1961 56 ] They are fantastic for building up lashes and very happy with them. Until yesterday the mascara has dried up already! I called my mum whom I purchased the second one for and she chucked hers a week after because it was dry! They both have dried up already! That is 3 weeks……3 weeks and the mascara has to be thrown! As Martin Money saver would say. “A... More...
  • Sublime Bronze Mousse

    Hi, I bought the above product because I really loved the Sublime Bronze Gel and thought that the mousse version of this product may allow me better coverage and would last longer. However, I was disappointed that after following the "shake well before use" instruction that after a few shakes the liquid seems to fail to 'mousse up' and the liquid started coming out of the pump. Thinking that this may have just been a bad / damaged bottle I brought it back to the supermarket where I purchased the product and got a replacement bottle thinking this was the solution.... More...
  • disappointed in product results

    I purchased this product expecting the high quality I get with all ur other products but I was very disappointed in the results. It left my lips feeling very dry and sticky and making me want to remove it within minutes of Appling it. It made my lips look dry and almost like they were peeling. My lips are always soft and I don't have problems with ur other products. I just felt this lipstick did not deliver the quality that it should of. More...
  • Unfair treatment with makeup artist

    I have a complaint. This happened in Pakistan: You better take notice of what happened with reputed Pakistani Ireen Khan (makeup artist) she is an ex employee of the Saba Ansari (who owns Sabs, one of the biggest names in Salons in Pakistan) and just proved to be a disgrace to all women entrepreneurs. Because Ireen Khan decided to quit her job and run her own Salon, Saba Ansari (being the snob that she is) used her fame and position in the industry to have Loreal employees deny her the purchase of the products that she needed. Now my question is why does Loreal Pakistan (supposedly one... More...
  • It's GREEN and BURNT!! both hair and scalp!!!

    I colored my hair as usual with the same product again and it turned GREEN!! I have BURNT SCALP & my HAIR. I called Loreal and they said they will reimburse the box. Seriously!!?? $12. What about the fact that I had to rush to a hair salon and get it fixed ASAP for the next day. That cost me $140 and they WILL NOT REFUND IT. Certainly they are not going to refund my BURNT HAIR TOO, or are they? I was told they could have fixed it. RIIIIIGHT! What are they gonna do? Attach the damaged hair back and give it some botox because it looked like thin spider web. Basically, Loreal stands... More...
  • Horrible outcome haircolor

    I recently purchased Loreal Paris feria midnight collection "violet soft black" I was in awe by the haircolor on the box as it was beautiful with "very small" redish highlights however, this is the complete opposite! My entire roots are a exteme red and my ends are black... I'm mortified to walk out my house and have to go pay for a professional to fix my hair. Please advise me how to make this right. Thank you More...
  • Loreal Eye Shadow Duo Pack

    I have purchased many of these eye shadow duo packets because I love the colors. However, the package is difficult to open. I have dropped also every one I have purchased and of course the product crackes, at a minimum, or crumbles and is unusable. Have you ever tried to clean crumbled eye shadow up of carpet? What a mess! Please figure out a redesign of the packaging. It is very difficult to open. Most of the time I end up throwing the whole thing out - usually brand new or almost. Very frustrating! More...
  • Sublime Mousse 60

    I don't want a gift certificate. I want you to do the right thing and recall this product. Just got off the phone with L'Oreal Canada. I purchased Sublime Mousse 60 Pure Light Brown. I had purchased Sublime Mousse before, Pure Light turned my hair black. The rep said that this product doesn't lighted artificial colour like the box shows. Really hair colour doesn't change hair colour? L'Oreal should have put a recall notice on this product. More...
  • Defective compact

    I bought several of your True Match powder compacts at the same time in Bothell, Washington. Love the product; hate the compact. This is the second of the three compacts I bought that I've used and it is the second compact to fall apart on me. I now carry it around in my makeup bag in a plastic bag. Whereas on the first compact, only the back hinge broke, on this compact, both hinges broke. I use this product once per day and neither compact ever was dropped or handled roughly. Your makeup is not cheap, and I am extremely disappointed by the poor quality of your compact. Extremely... More...
  • allergy

    my name is Ross and have grey hair , so i bought loreal mens color and read the instructions , so i done a test on my right ear lobe, the next day it was itchy and red so i washed off and took benadryl for allergy but my face was swelling so i went to doctors and i had a injection and more pills but the following day my ear was discharging yellow so went to the doctors again, he told me you have a strong allergy and need something more strong the next thing i was on a drip with liquid to fight the infection my bill so far is 300euro if i knew the allergies are this bad i would have never... More...
  • product issue

    I have been using your products for some time and the last one I purchased was not only expensive it didn't work like before. I purchased "Perfect Blondissima Creme, and Light Blonde Excellence Creme was substandard. After 6 hours of leaving in the bleaching product and then another 40 mins. of leaving in the colour my hair was totally uneven in colour. Have you changed something in the formula? I'm not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sylvia More...


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